We specialize in the finest Certified Ideal Cut diamonds!

Free Diamond Education

♦  Please call to set an appointment for a free diamond education. In just thirty minutes we can make you a diamond expert, armed with the knowledge to evaluate Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight.
♦  Offering ideal cut diamonds from Lazare Kaplan and other fine cutters. Our diamonds are GIA or AGS certified.
♦  We have an American Gem Society certified diamond and gem lab, with master grading diamonds, daylight corrected lighting, and a binocular microscope.
♦  We are also members of an extensive diamond trading network, through which we can access dealers inventories world-wide.
♦  As members of the American Gem Society, we are held to the highest standards of ethics and honesty.

Affordable Estate Diamonds and Jewelry

Our store carries a large selection of antique and estate jewelry, and we receive new items on a regular basis. We buy gold, diamonds, and fine jewelry in order to provide you with a varied selection of jewelry from around the world, most at costs well below the average retail prices.

Diamond Buyers and Brokers

Looking to sell, or trade in your diamond? We can help.We will take your diamond as a trade in or buy it for cash. We also offer a brokering service in which we take your diamond on consignment, find a buyer, and pay you much more than you could get on your own. Feel free to contact us for the details.